Truths and Myths About Men!

Some men are very often labeled as insensitive, Myths About Men incomprehensible people who think only about their needs. However, not all are like that. Some of you have also tried to unlearn me to categorize others, but in some respects this will not change. Coming back to the topic of men, a bit vaguely. How does it look from my point of view and yours? Let’s try to understand the guy’s feelings. Are we debunking myths?

We also have complexes

In fact, in many ways, we are as different as it might seem. In our case, some reflexes look a bit different. Sometimes we envy a friend, a friend or outsiders, work, health, ambition or many other factors that are missing from our lives.

Maybe not the way women do, but likewise. The way to help a man to get rid of complexes is simple motivation. Paying attention to our advantages, and the more so to encourage training, diet changes or any other type of problem (not our reasoning). Otherwise, we can spoil ourselves and others. By the way, we will get rid of the source of our problem.

We are going through partings – Myths About Men

Although it is hard to believe, it is. When we are very much in love or we feel the loss of someone who has changed a lot in our lives, it is more difficult for us to deal with it.

We are self-confident, sometimes we let ourselves scream at ourselves and we deal with difficult situations, but it is harder to swallow for betrayal and pain after parting.
We don’t eat chocolates, we don’t roar for weeks, but we can drink or sleep with another woman to feel relieved. Sometimes the closest friend who listens to our regrets has the worst.

We like compliments

Who doesn’t like them? The guy also expects to hear how strong, confident, professional, handsome, affectionate, masculine, etc. he is, especially in company. Sometimes when he complements his woman, it’s also a good idea to say a few nice words about him. Then we feel appreciated, more ambitious and more self-confident. It is true that the lashes of a woman who is important to us works supernaturally.

We hate coercion and control – Myths About Men

We are not forced, but approached in a skilful way so that we do what is asked for even for a long time. The patent from the cat we saw in the animation “Shrek” works sometimes. You can also try to look for another man, emphasizing your laziness and lack of your skills. It works like a spell, wait a minute and you have a new tap! Words have enormous power They can work enormous miracles – Patryk Tarachoń

I would like to add that most of us appreciate a partner who does not control him much more.
Similarly with comparing. If you compare your partner to something or someone, they likely will never do so again. Even if the closest person wants it.

If our ladies want us to do something, they shouldn’t talk about everything at once. One by one, unhurriedly and clearly, translating into male logic. Not treating them, of course, SharekAlomre as mentally ill, but so that it would be simple in understanding what is now expected of us. Once we have made a reminder of the next one.

Truths and Myths About Men!  Africandatescam 2022

We also feel emotions – Myths About Men

Although we do not show it, we are likewise full of affection. We feel anger, resentment, distress, regret, sadness, joy, etc. Likewise, jealousy or the willingness to live up to expectations. We rarely show it, but we feel it nonetheless. We are not willing to reveal our feelings, we do not always know what words to choose to say about them and we usually forget what we felt.

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But we think more instinctively and pay attention to other details in women. Whether or not we need to explain the simplest issues or do banal activities. The advantage is when a woman is specific, well-mannered, decent, resourceful and caring.

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