Such a glaring online scam!

I initially liked the interface for this online dating site. But wow, it is the most expensive site ever with that so called “one-time activation fee”! No other site that I have found charges an activation fee. Well, this week I learned that the one-time activation fee is charged EVERY TIME you subscribe. I initially paid for a 3 month membership and I accepted the one time fee, ok. Then I took a 4 week break and stopped paying but kept my profile active on the site. This week when I went to subscribe for another month, they are charging me the ONE-TIME activation fee, again, 4 weeks later! What a ripoff, they now say it is a fee charged every time you subscribe…so why in the heck would you call it a ONE TIME activation fee?! So misleading to customers, actually outright lying! And what is worse is that you cannot find any mention of this activation fee and the rules around it in their terms and policies! I will not come back to this site, even if they waive the fee, because that is just so wrong, such a glaring online scam!

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