What to Look for When Choosing Friends?

Who you surround yourself with is one of the things When Choosing Friends that affects your life the most. There are tons of scientific studies and observations to support this thesis. With roommates who like alcohol, you drink more yourself. Knowing that our neighbors consume less electricity, we ourselves use less electricity. The appearance of a Nobel laureate at the university means that the research of other scientists at this university significantly accelerates. People with many young parents in their environment decide to have children faster.

Exchange and exchange, and the facts are still facts – your environment has an indisputable influence on the choices you make and what you potentially achieve.

So what should you pay attention to when choosing friends? Which relationships to keep, and which ones is better to give up?

Some will say that since you become like the people around you, you should surround yourself with the most ambitious and wealthy people you can find. In this way, a lot of people squeal like teenagers at the sight of people who have achieved something and will do anything to YourLatinMates.com orbit them, including abandoning their former acquaintances.

On the other hand, I believe that money and success are always great, but at the same time I’m old enough to know that it’s not the most important thing.

If you are going to be like your surroundings, instead of looking at how much averages someone earns, you should first of all ensure that you surround yourself with people who:

They solve problems

Because there is nothing worse than someone who can only say “You can’t” and complain.

And this does not mean that if something is not playing, you have to smile stupidly and say that it is great. A positive attitude is not to close your eyes to problems, but the way you react to them, and there are two reactions:
1) Olabog, I can’t do anything about it.
2) Hm, how can I solve it?

The latter option is one of the most practical life attitudes, because it makes your visions come true. It makes something that only happened in your head start to function quite real. You look for opportunities, not obstacles, so being next to such people will charge your batteries so much that you later run like bunnies in a Duracell ad.

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They feel good about each other

I mean an authentic, sincere, inner conviction that there are approx.

They know they’re not perfect, but they work on their flaws, don’t blame themselves for the mistakes they’ve made, and accept where they are right now. Instead of comparing YourLatinMates themselves to others and feeling jealous every time someone succeeds, they know that everyone has a ladder to climb. They have no need to lower your value, and instead they can enjoy your successes just as they do their own.

I have always missed the feeling that I can pull over to the side of the road and look at the view outside the window or live at my own pace without giving 150% of myself forever. Being with people who accept and create their reality at the same time proves to me that it is possible. On a scale of 1 to 10, I estimate it at about a thousand.

They make you feel good with them When Choosing Friends

Seemingly obvious, but when you think about these for a moment, it’s not. There are people (and there aren’t many of them) whose entire communication is limited to When Choosing Friends either saying, “I’m better than you” or saying, “You are worse than me.”

Such people are rubbing their hands to tell someone that they have gained weight, that the salad is delicious, but with kale would be better, that it was great that you went on vacation, but it was better to invest (and if you invest, it would be better to go on vacation), you have a great idea, but 90% of companies fail. And so on and so forth.

I know it’s not entirely their fault. Usually it shows that they have some deficiencies and feel insufficient. They often have such patterns taken from home and are not even fully aware of them. Others may treat them the same, so they themselves may be under the misconception that this is okay.

However, this does not change the fact that when you are older than eighteen, you should learn not to tell others how to live, not to judge their problems and not to detract from their value for your complacency.

Are developing – When Choosing Friends

I have friends who put completely different values ​​first in their lives: family, health, money and conquering new markets, reach in social media, sports results, social When Choosing Friends activities … Some go on vacation to Bali, and others to Family Allotment Gardens. They are completely different. What they have in common, however, is that they do not stand still, they are always learning something new, going somewhere and introducing changes.

This is one of the most important features, because only by changing and staying active do we have the ability to enrich others.

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You can rely on them – When Choosing Friends

The worst friends you can have are people who pay no attention to others. They’re happy to take you half a day when you need it, but when you need them, they don’t have time. They will be late regularly. They will show you at the last minute because something no longer suits them. You will agree something together, but they will soon forget about it when someone else appears nearby.

In general, your commitment doesn’t spread evenly, and the other person doesn’t even have enough self-reflection to notice what’s wrong with it. It’s never a good idea.

And guess what? In fact, all these features surprisingly often go hand in hand with achievement, status and a cool lifestyle. But you still shouldn’t start with the latter, because choosing your friends is not about competing, but about functioning in an environment where you feel appreciated, supported and ready to wipe the ass of the whole world.

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