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The Right Techniques For Kissing a Girl, You have a date with this girl you like so much. And you wonder when and how to kiss her properly . Here are a few tips to make this exchange of kisses a successful moment full of sensations!

Wait For The Green Light

It’s the end of the evening, you’re in a quiet corner away from prying eyes with your date and the mood is intimate. No question of making your beauty in the sleeping wood and waiting for her to make the first move . If this girl is willing to be kissed, you should have no trouble seeing it through her body language.

If her body is fully turned and open towards you, if she brushes or touches your shoulder, arm or hand while you are chatting, if she often catches your eye, if she is in a happy mood YourLatinMates for no reason and you says lots of cute things including compliments…that means she’s ready to be kissed!

Action !

No need to pressure yourself and beat around the bush for a thousand years, this is just a kiss, not a bungee jump. When kissing this girl , slowly but firmly move your face towards hers. Women want to deal with a real man, not a scared little cat.

It’s your first mouth contact, so you don’t have to put your tongue in there right away, just take it easy. Close your eyes and start with simple soft kisses. Let her guide you too and adapt to the movements of her mouth. Be gallant, wait for her to stick out her tongue to mingle yours.

Hand Games, Games of…

We agree that you are not going to stand idly by when you kiss a girl . At first, you can hold her by the waist or take her face in your hands with tenderness. Then caress her cheeks, neck, lower back or hair (trying not to mess her hair up, though).

When the atmosphere is just right between you, then you may be able to caress her hips, breasts or thighs, and more if (big) affinities.

Vary The Pleasures

Create a surprise effect from time to time by introducing a dynamic of change in your hugging session. According to your desires, make sure to alternate between tenderness and passion.

First kiss her gently and sensually for a moment, then more passionately, hugging her tightly. To vary the pleasures, you can also play with his lips and his tongue, by biting them lightly for example. Or even distribute kisses to him in other places of the face or in the neck. Let yourself go to your desires, what, quite simply!

The Right Techniques For Kissing a Girl AfricanDate 2022

The phone number of your crush , you have it! Now the goal is to materialize with her. At the time of seduction 2.0, SMS have become a privileged means of communication among people under 40 years old. Here are some basic rules to take into account if you want to seduce a girl by text message .

SMS, A Plus for Communication – Techniques For Kissing a Girl

From taking the phone number to a concrete date, it may take time. Moreover, it may even be that an exchange of contacts ends up giving nothing at all. If you want to see this girl again, you’re going to have to make her a proposal on a first date at some point.

That said, keep in mind that text messages do not replace a call. They help to express your desires and your feelings and to build the bond. But you will find it difficult to maintain the emotion and know what the other is thinking by texting. Thus, they should not be used for the YourLatinMates.Com purpose of avoiding telephone conversations. If for example you feel that texting is not really his thing, why not call him after a few days?

Made in Originality – Techniques For Kissing a Girl

Forget the mundane, routine “Hi, how are you?” text messages. and “What are you doing today?” » or even « What are you talking about beautiful? is boring as can be and often leads to meaningless conversations. Use texting for fun, not just to chat with him.

This is the time to flirt to arouse or reinforce his desire to see you again. To seduce this girl by SMS , use your imagination and your humor. An original SMS can easily trigger a nice little conversation lasting a quarter of an hour or more. We can end up telling each other little stories and making each other laugh, and that will certainly make him want to continue the discussion and give you a first date. Because in this post-meeting phase, don’t forget that your goal is a first date !

Adopt the Cool Attitude – Techniques For Kissing a Girl

Even if you’re completely obsessed with your new encounter, and you can’t wait to see her again, stay calm. Do not shower her with text messages, wait for her to answer the first before sending the second, and if her answer is delayed , do the same afterwards. You can model your behavior on his, and for example respond immediately or hours later, depending on his level of responsiveness.

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At the beginning of a relationship, it is better not to be too eager at the risk of looking like the guy completely glued to his smartphone. To suggest that we have a life too, that we are sometimes too busy to answer right away, it maintains a little mystery and suspense and it does not hurt. On the other hand, there’s no point in dragging things out, so if you feel her on the phone, don’t delay asking her out on a date. And then, wait and see!

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