How The Most Creative Dating Apps Work

Today, online dating services are one of the Creative Dating Apps most popular categories of mobile apps. But at the same time, about 90% of start-ups RussianBrides that develop dating platforms fail. As a rule, they ignore marketing strategies and cannot show how their product is unique.

Let’s see what creative approaches the most popular dating apps use.


It is the founding father of all dating platforms and probably one of the easiest to use programs of its kind where you can sign up in one click.

Tinder has 1.6 billion swipes per day and 1 million dates per week.

What is different from others? With the slogan Swipe Right, the creators want to show that there are many options for you.

Tinder also has a Hot Takes chat option for a limited amount of time before you pair up. Unlike other dating programs, the Tinder algorithm connects people not with similar interests, but those who are nearby, so you could go on a date in 15 minutes.

How The Most Creative Dating Apps Work | Africandatescam

Thursday – Creative Dating Apps

This program only runs one day a week – as you probably guessed, every Thursday.

Thursday comes to life for 24 hours, and all matches and correspondence disappear at midnight on Friday. The idea is to chat during the day and arrange a date for the evening.

What is different from others? The creators of Thursday believe that people spend too much time on dating apps. The platform calls for taking users away from the daily search for “the same” and showing that there are “more important things” in life, such as family and friends, as well as time alone.


The service redefines gender norms in dating apps and gives women control over the conversation and the ability to make the first move.

What is different from others? Bumble’s slogan Make the First Move shows that the app allows women to start the conversation first. After that, they have a day to make the first move. In addition, Bumble also has post-pandemic features, such as a vaccination icon.

How The Most Creative Dating Apps Work

Hinge – Creative Dating Apps

This is a relatively new service in the field of dating. review As in social networks, you can like and comment on other people’s posts in Hinge.

To create a profile, it is not enough to add a photo and a one-line description – users must also answer at least three “funny” questions. Potential couples can favourite or comment on these answers to start a conversation.

What is different from others? Hinge’s tagline says: The Dating App Designed To Be Deleted. This means that the app is aimed at meeting people who want to get into a serious relationship and leave the app.

In addition, you can see a list of those who liked you for free in Hinge. Recently, the service introduced a function that allows you to listen to a fragment of the voice of a potential couple.

POM – Creative Dating Apps

POM (Power of Music) is a program for dating people with musical interests.

What is different from others? A significant difference between POM and its competitors is that it focuses on one characteristic of users – their musical taste. Its tagline is The Dating App for Music Lovers.

The service uses an algorithm that collects user data about what type of music they prefer and what kind of emotional response it evokes. Here you can easily find like-minded people and even company for a concert.


Profoundly – Creative Dating Apps

In a sense, this service simulates a blind date, as people get to know each other without seeing each other’s photos. The developers of Profoundly are convinced that a person is much more than an image.

What is different from others? What sets Profoundly apart from other similar apps is that you have to chat with a person before you can see their photo. Profoundly engages users in long conversations, suggesting different topics and questions, and only then shows the interlocutor’s photos.

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