How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Love Me?

The sad news is that it is impossible to do normal things that will culminate in your boyfriend love for you. There are two ways you can solve your predicament, either you dump your boyfriend from a dating site or you try a real traditional healer.

I have heard several suggestions that have been put out there on how to get your boyfriend to love you these include: sleep with him whenever he wants to. Do not nag him. Be receptive to his needs. Do “womanly chores”. Bribe him. Fight off his other girlfriends. Show love to him all the time. Be receptive to his needs. The list continues. Think about all other suggestions that you have been given and check and see how successful they have been. I bet most if not all have not yielded any success.

The reason why all your trials to get your boyfriend to love you have not been successful is that either a person loves you or he does not. It is that simple. When you meet for the first time, either you both fall in love with each other or one person will fall in love and the other will accept the proposition for some reason. People tolerate and stay with their partners for so many reasons other than love. You know these reasons.

Two People in a Relationship – Get My Boyfriend

It is very rare for two people in a relationship to be in love with each other. I think, two in every ten couples actually love each other. What usually happens is that one person is in love and the other partner is simply in a relationship for reasons other than love. This explains the bitter squabbles and divorces that you have witnessed.

I will tell you a true story. A person I know, who I will call Jay pretended to be in love with Lillian. Lillian was richer than Jay and she gave him everything that he called for. All he had to do was to wish and the wish was as good as granted. Lillian had a business and small money was never an issue.

But life is treacherous, the business started suffering and consequently, money started becoming a problem. That is when problems started happening at their home. In one altercation Jay told Lillian that he actually had never loved her at all. Despite this Lillian hanged in there hoping that he did not mean what he said. Well, it was all in vain. The relationship collapsed from.

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The solution for lovelies in traditional healing wherever you can find it. In Southern Africa, love portions have different names in different cultures. Some tribes call it “kolobera”, others call it “petal”. Anything else, I wish you well.

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