10 Secrets Women Go Out Of Their Way To Keep From Their Men

The girl who sleeps next to you, finds you Secrets Women Go Out a perfect gift every single time and remembers all the important dates like her life depends on it tells you she’s all yours. And you believe her.

You can see it in her eyes, in her actions that she wants a YourLoveMeet future with you. She’s so honest and open, you feel like you know this gorgeous woman inside out. You do know a lot about her, I’ll give you that but not everything.

You have her body, her heart and her soul, but there are a few secrets your girl will go out of her way to keep from you. The whole mystery comprises harmless behind-the-scenes and I’m about to give you a sneak peek

1.We Have Facial Hair

Sorry guys, but we don’t wake up all cute and clean. Many women have facial hair and I don’t mean eyebrows or upper lips, I mean beard. Well, it wouldn’t exactly qualify as a beard, but you get the gist. Most of us shave it or get it waxed.

It’s normal for most of us due to hormonal disbalance. We just don’t always want you to see it. But if you decide to gift us a razor, that’ll be okay.

2. When We’re In Love, We Smell Your Clothes

It makes us feel safe. That’s why we borrow your hoodies and sweatshirts and never give them back. We’ll feel awkward if you catch us doing it though.

3. We Hope Your Guy Friends Secretly Have A Crush On Us

We might dress to impress as well. We don’t fancy them or want to actually sleep with any of them—we just want them to want us. Still loyal to you.

4. On A Girls’ Night, We Do Things You Might Not Approve Of

This includes flirting with strangers at the club, drinking more than we let on, sneaking cigarettes or other substances, spilling all your secrets regardless of how embarrassing they are—not to mortify you, but we genuinely trust our girlfriends.

10 Secrets Women Go Out Of Their Way To Keep From Their Men

5. Our Friends Know Everything About You – Secrets Women Go Out

If you’ve cheated on us, flirted with another girl, broken up a couple of times or have given us the best night of our lives, our friends know YourLoveMeet.Com about it.

They might judge you or love you based on what you’ve done, but we need that extra set of approval to make sure we’re on the right path. Sharing everything—from condom flavours to the other details of a date night—isn’t as uncommon for us as you might think.

6. We Hate Waxing Our Private Parts

We love you and we respect your obsession with porn-approved waxed privates but it’s torture. We like it and feel more confident when it’s clean and you go down on us more readily. But the process of getting there, we wish we didn’t have to go through it.

7. We Actually Like Your Flaws – Secrets Women Go Out

Receding hairline, beer belly, a few strands of grey hair, acne, birthmarks, a few scars here and there—we love all of it. Flaws only make you more human and knowing about your flaws makes us feel closer to you. Everyone can love you for your job, status, skills and perfect looks, but your girl loves you despite those things you think are flawed.

8. It Wasn’t That Great For Us – Secrets Women Go Out

Women don’t always get what they want in bed and they don’t always tell you. You may or may not have noticed when your girl faked an orgasm but I assure you that she has, a few times at least.

It takes a while for most women to open up about what they’re exactly looking for and a lot of that comfort level might require an initiative from you. You need to tell your girl you’re not going to take it on your ego. But don’t lie about it because she’ll know.

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9. You’re Not Actually The Best I’ve Ever Had

You may be. You may not be. We hate it when you push us to compare because most of us don’t see it that way. We are with you for a reason and that reason is good enough for us to forget every person we’ve been with before you. So if you ask about your penis size—we know how important it is to you—we will never tell you the truth. We don’t want to compare you to anyone we have or have not known.

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