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Sucks. Guys are stalkers and creeeeeeepy. Worst site of all im on. -5 stars!!

naglijojrl - November 1, 2019
Such a glaring online scam!

I initially liked the interface for this online dating site. But wow, it is the most expensive site ever with that so called “one-time activation fee”! No other site that I have found charges an activ…. More

mcrluver005mj - November 1, 2019
Asiacharm in NOT FOR ME!

Asiacharm in NOT FOR ME!!!!! There are plenty of other dating sites that do not order you around and make you their PUPPET!!

bodrenjecs - November 1, 2019
One of the worst dating website ever

One of the worst dating website ever. Expensive with hidden fees + need to pay more even to be seen by other members. Lots of fake profiles that will send auto reply messages making u think u have got…. More

likangisi2b - November 1, 2019
It is the biggest lie in all the dating websites

It is the biggest lie in all the dating websites… they literally stole ~$60 from me… first month by sending fake and random messages on behalf of users so I subscribed to read them and the message…. More

ingenuisakn - November 1, 2019
Complete scam site

“Eats it. Did Match twice; far more worth it than
Sends you false views, sends you false interested. As far as I can tell; a complete scam site. Sucks to have wasted over $70 for 6 month…. More

tiplji1l - November 1, 2019
Don't get sucked in.

Watch out there are scammers out there. They are not who they say there are. Men with thick acents mostly African. will declare they are your soul mate. Will not tell you about them selves. women are …. More

buyutwo - November 1, 2019
I was blocked

At first I was wondering why every man on this site has almost the same text (love, find soulmate etc).. after a few minutes someone from Austria texted me and I texted him back in German because his …. More

nawieli7f - November 1, 2019
I would not recommend

I would not recommend this site at all

smirnavy05 - November 1, 2019

This is a definite scam under a nicely built shell. First off, when you set up a profile it’s there FOREVER! It gives you “option” to update or delete but the buttons don’t work! How stupid is…. More

orecchiexe - November 1, 2019
AnastasiaDate is a scam and bots

It’s a scam and bots

bwytais6 - November 1, 2019 is Scam

Very extortionate no value for money. Seems like they are money laundering. Can’t get peoples phone number as they scramble the numbers. It cost me £45 in one day to communicate with one person and t…. More

signsearcher1g - November 1, 2019